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Committed to sustainability, climate action and well-being for people and nature.


Our Mission and values

Our mission is to contribute to a better world for people and nature.

We can only achieve this by working together, building partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders from international organisations, public sector, private sector and NGOs, working at the international, national and local levels. By building new bridges, trusting each other and keeping in mind the ultimate objective of the collective good, we can achieve a lot together, much more than if we were alone.

Climate change in particular is one of the most challenging issues ever faced by humanity. If we don’t act quickly to deeply transform our societies, our planet Earth may be affected by irreversible impacts. This transformation needs to take into account the imperatives of social justice and human rights for both intergenerational and intragenerational equity, in a world where inequalities are on the rise.

We also believe that sustainability starts with you, and with every single individual living on this planet. Everyone can have a positive impact. Leadership starts with you and your team. Leadership training and climate education are also key to prepare future generations for shaping a more sustainable world and facing an unprecedented level of change.

Last but not least, we are committed to human individual ecology. Sustainability starts with human well-being and mindfulness. Each of us needs to find a better work-life balance to live in harmony with nature.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

What We've Achieved

Nearly 20 years of commitment to sustainability and a few milestones:

  • First country profiles and community-based studies on disaster risk reduction and vulnerability (UNDP and UN- ECLAC) in LDCs and Latin America

  • Donor reporting for a pioneering program of micro-credit and school feeding in Tajikistan (ACTED)

  • REACH+ campaign to protect citizens’ health and the environment across Europe (EU Parliament)

  • Agenda 21 for the City of Narbonne (Ernst& Young)

  • G20 Summit under the French Presidency adopted innovative sources of finance for climate and development (WWF)

  • COP22, the COP of sustainable business and low carbon solutions (WBCSD)

  • COP23 Presidency Talanoa Dialogue adoption for raising climate ambition and including many voices (COP Presidency)

  • CVF first ever online Heads of States Summit and One Planet Summits stepping up climate ambition (CAN-International)